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BC Fantasy Footballers - FREE Fantasy Football Guide


Whether you've got a draft coming up this week or you've already got your team(s), you may want to check out this fantasy football guide that I put together. My loss in being defeated by the vagaries of for-profit e-publishing is your gain, since it's available as a FREE PDF for my BC brethren! It's 187 pages of team overviews, player projections, strategic thoughts and Tebow-related snark.

You can download the PDF via this link - it's a big bastard so be patient with the download, but I think you'll like it if you're into the whole fantasy thing.

It's got player previews (click the pics for more hi-res versions):


Cornerbacks for your receivers to target and avoid:


Team Defense previews:


and a Big Board to help you make decisions in each round of your draft:


Use this guide and you can reign over your league like a King. And a real mean, Joffrey Baratheon-style king, too.