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Predicting Texas Longhorns Statistical Leaders: Defense

<em>Phillips is my pick to lead the Longhorns in picks.</em>
Phillips is my pick to lead the Longhorns in picks.

Let's have your individual/unit predictions for the 2012 defense. Then we'll look back in January, 2013 and laugh at how wrong we were. Projected numbers include the bowl game (that's 13 games).


Leading Tacklers

  1. Jordan Hicks - 116
  2. Steve Edmond - 110
  3. Kenny Vaccaro - 91
Jordan Hicks will play a key clean-up role behind a gap-charging front seeking to disrupt offenses early. Steve Edmond is a mutant, but his ability to read and flow is outstanding for a 255 pounder. Kenny Vaccaro will see quite a bit of time near the LOS as a slot eraser and RB disgracer.


  1. Adrian Phillips - 5
  2. Quandre Diggs - 4
  3. Kenny Vaccaro - 4

I'll take the least heralded member of the 2012 Longhorn secondary to lead us in interceptions. Phillips does a good job of keeping his eyes on the QB and he'll cover more ground that his predecessor. Diggs has a great knack for drifting opportunistically in coverage and high-pointing. Vaccaro has soft hands despite his punishing reputation. Byndom won't lead us in interceptions, primarily out of QB respect.


  1. Jackson Jeffcoat - 11.5
  2. Alex Okafor - 8.5
  3. Chris Whaley - 5.0
Jeffcoat is our most technically proficient pass rusher. Okafor our most powerful. Whaley will be a problem inside attacking the gaps. Steve Edmond, Demarco Cobbs, our other defensive tackles, and Jordan Hicks are all capable of contributing 3+ sacks.

Tackles For Loss

  1. Jackson Jeffcoat - 21.5
  2. Alex Okafor - 16.5
  3. Steve Edmond - 16.0
Jeffcoat and Okafor can create their own disruption, but they'll benefit from interior mayhem and bounce outs. I like Edmond a lot as a run-blitzer.


  • 268.3 yards per game allowed, #4 in CFB
  • 15.6 points per game allowed, #6 in CFB
  • #2 rushing defense
  • #4 passing efficiency defense
  • No DT will make more than 50 tackles. Four will make at least 20
  • The Texas secondary will have 20+ interceptions on the year