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AGGIES DECLARE WAR ON AT&T; including the actual letters A, T, &, T

<em>A&M yell leader attempts to shoot down an AT&T satellite.  </em>
A&M yell leader attempts to shoot down an AT&T satellite.

I know Aggies. In real life. A majority of them are successful, have a sense of humor about themselves, and are capable of extended periods of normalcy. I know a smaller minority who are full-on Maroon conspiracists. They're fun, too. Like the husband of a former work colleague who had his Corps boots in a mounted shadowbox over their mantle and caused a scene at a company get-together when I goaded a Tech grad into saying he would carry goal posts through their living room.

Yet, the web dynamics of Aggiedom are reversed: it seems the weirder the Aggie, the more comfortable they feel holding forth. The more normal, the more they lurk. SB Nation is addressing that with our Texas A&M blog Good Bull Hunting, but meanwhile, let's observe these others, like Jane Goodall at Gombe.

Here's a choice sampling of TexAgs in a thread titled So How Many People Will Be Calling AT&T To Cancel U-verse? published right after the LHN-AT&T deal was announced. One of many such threads swirling around the Maroon internetz. I swear, I've altered nothing.

So - how many people will be calling AT&T to cancel U-verse? Let's take a sampling of responses.

Just called em. Is it an overreaction?

Well, yes. Channels don't have viewing requirements and it's at no additional cost. They didn't eliminate the Hump It Channel to add LHN. Also, logically, you should leave any provider with ESPN. They pay us, not U-verse. And ESPN has the SEC contract. What to do? BEING A GOOD AGGIE IS A VERITABLE MINE FIELD.

All Aggies with UVerse that don't follow your lead should melt their ring down.

An early appeal to Aggieness - specifically, setting specific guidelines for what is or isn't authentically Aggie -is a crucial part of Aggie social hierarchy. I've seen Aggie arguments won by someone citing their Aggie lineage and how many days they worked on Bonfire.

Doing it myself this evening. Hopefully Direct TV wont succomb to the evil empire.

An evil empire built on spelling.

Did the same and i am thinking about switching my phone carrier from AT&T too.

In fac_, I've decided _o s_op using _he le__ers in pro_es_. I go _o _exas A_M

800-288-2020, take the tech support option and complain that there is no way to block the channel. request that they open an investigation to resolution for that, if enough ppl call in there will be movement.

If enough people call, there will be a movement. Maybe a bowel movement. A&M could never successfully launch a bowl movement.

Currently on hold

That's all this dude wrote. "You guys wait here on this thread! When the AT&T girl gets on to help me, tell me what to say!"

Anyone notice one of the rotating adds at the bottom of the screen is for AT&T Uverse?

Which means TexAgs is a fake site run by Longhorns. As I've long suspected. A brilliant, decade long mind game comes to a close.

getting my folks to cancel theirs

Cuz I live at home with 'em! More meatloaf, ma!

I get my cellular service through AT&T. Told them I'd be canceling and switching to Cricket. But cricket doesn't support iPhones.

Thus, logic dictates I use my 4G as a $400 paperweight.

because none of my hard earned dollars will go into the t.u. coffers. Why don't some of you just go ahead and set up an auto-debit account to give t.u. $1 every month. How does that feel?

I just did it! IT FEELS AWFUL. Never mind that the economics don't work that way. Aggies value emotional appeal more than a Honduran televangelist.

For whoever said that the sips "won", I would hardly call it a win.

1. It was laughable and embarrassing that it took this long for 1 "major" carrier to pick it up

2. It caused the breakup of the Big 12, leaving it on life-support with lesser replacements

3. It relegated the Big 12 to "also-ran" status among the big conferences, well behind the conferences that picked up the defectors

4. It made the sips a national pariah that no conference would want or take


Just pay for something you abhor.

A&M's season ticket pitch.

Funny how everyone saying we are over reacting or they are keeping their Uverse have no agtag

Pics of your agtag or it didn't happen!

I do not understand why so many whorns and some Ags are giving people a hard time about not wanting to AT&T because of whorntv. It is a free country. uverse can add whorntv and subscribers can go to another provider, so they do not have to pay for whorntv.

Right on. It's perfectly sensible to cancel a current cable provider at the cost of personal inconvenience, time, and money because they added a channel of free content. WHAT DON'T YOU PEOPLE GET?