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Texas Hires Sterlin Gilbert, Take Two

We mean it this time! We think!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

At the risk of jumping the gun yet again and tossing our Serious Media Credibility on the heap of smoldering Jawa corpses comprised of...pretty much everyone in the market at this point, we're going to go ahead and say that Texas got their man:

Here's our initial reaction to bringing Sterling Giblet and Mike Mattox on board.

Here's a near 600-reply gem from our beloved Barkers chronicling the twists and turns of FUBAR Friday, up to and including an impromptu flight that had to contain the most pissed-off President since Gary Oldman tried to jack Harrison Ford's ride.

Assuming our new coaches brought a change of undies to the airport and somebody carried along some Burnt Orange polos in their size, they can wing it straight back to A-town and get in on the recruiting weekend that's already in progress!

Much more tomorrow and in the days ahead on the shape of the Longhorn O for 2016.  Right now, I need a(nother) drink.

Hook 'em.