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The High School Football Coach Who Never Punts

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Pulaski, baby.

As you know, Scip has written a number of times on Pulaski Academy's Kevin Kelley. If you don't know that, go here.

FiveThirtyEight did a short film on this. Pretty cool stuff. See above.

Pulaski Academy football coach Kevin Kelley never punts. He always kicks on-side. His teams play … weirdly. Now the Arkansas squad is going back to Dallas to face its rival, Highland Park, a team that has won 84 games in a row at home and outplayed Pulaski Academy last year. Will Kelley’s data-driven plays lead to the win? The latest film in FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Films’ short-documentary series Collectors, “Undefeated,” directed by Jamie Schutz, follows Pulaski as the team adds a new wrinkle to its playbook and tries to end Highland Park’s streak.