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Lance Armstrong on Joe Rogan

Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY Sports

I listen to Joe Rogan's podcast and was surprised to hear our infamous fellow Texan come on as a surprise guest. Rogan provides a pretty objective forum and it's interesting to hear Armstrong open up (and shut down) over the course of the conversation.

I've always been somewhat ambivalent about Armstrong - he was doping in a sport where doping is the absolute norm (I always assumed he was, thought the deniers were naive and took the "revelation" with a shrug) and the Feds are taking an irregular and unnecessary interest in prosecuting him on fairly spurious grounds - but it's difficult to rationalize how he treated some of the folks who came clean about doping while he was still living the Big Lie.  Once you're in on the Big Lie, you're in all the way.

That all written, Lance Armstrong won the Tour De France 7 times.  No asterisk necessary.

Give it a listen or watch: