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UT, ESPN Reach 20-Year $300 Million Dollar Deal

The Longhorn Network is officially a reality. Texas and ESPN have entered into a 20-year, $300 million agreement for the 24-hour network.

A few quick highlights from the deal:

* IMG College is part of the agreement getting 17.5% of the guaranteed $300 million to help promote and sell the network.

* UT is assured of at least $10 million per year for the first five years, and could realize more from the beginning depending on the profitability of the network.

* The network will probably average one home football game per year to telecast live, plus several men's basketball games. Baseball and women's basketball will also be a part of the network, as will several other sports.

* Non-athletic events will also be a staple of the network, including guest speakers on campus, or student documentaries. "This will be high-level, entertaining cultural, music, scientific, Discovery Channel, History Channel kind of stuff," Powers said.

* This fall is the target launch date for the network, which will be available on basic cable in Texas and Oklahoma, and maybe parts of Louisiana. It will be made available nationally as part of a sports package or as a stand-alone channel.