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Bevo TV

As we've all heard, Texas is pretty much totally awesome. The rich get richer. And people wonder why we're so arrogant.

This even got Cooper Industrique's attention.

The Sooners are also apparently interested in getting their network up and running this year.

Will this be a cable access type thing?

Apparently not.

The new OU channel, on a 24-hour basis, will provide original programming that includes live and recorded Olympic sporting events, Breaking Bad reruns, Huntin' With Ted Nugent, coaches’ shows and possibly men’s and women’s basketball games and even a football game or two each year (which would depending largely on the Big 12’s TV contracts; the league’s deal with Fox expires after 2011 and ABC ESPN expires after 2015).

I think they have more Big XII Championship Trophies than TVs. See, we can laugh ourselves.

Oddly, Nebraska is still irritated. Except they aren't. Or something.

The University gives some insight into some of the types of programming that will be available.

Lucky for us Spencer Hall and Dan Wetzel also have some suggestions about content and programming.

As usual, Spencer was ahead of the curve here and had some great ideas back in May of 2010. Suffice to say, we may have some new ideas where to deploy Mad Dog Madden's unique talents.

More recently Y! Sports scribe Dan Wetzel added some thoughts.

These last two links are must reads.

Lots of chatter on whether this totally awesome money tree we just planted is the death knell for the Big XII X or whether it in fact saves everybody else from wandering their respective TV wastelands and becoming "good basketball conferences".

Our old buddy from the Windy City, Frank The Tank, has some thoughts.

So, what should we call this thing?