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You Can Charge That To The Game

I listen to podcasts instead of music when I work out and I recently added Mohr Stories to the mix. I like Jay Mohr - his Christopher Walken, Tracy Morgan, Harvey Keitel imitations kill - and he's not an impressionist so much as a great comedian who can do impressions. Underrated talent, IMO. Basically, his comedic sensibilities remind me of how I spent most of my youth with my friends - sitting in someone's garage after playing some sport, busting each others balls incessantly.

Here's a small clip from his show with Tom Segura that reduced me to tears. If you played high school football in the early 90s - at the height of The U worship and having flavor - we're talking exterior tape on thigh pads, jerseys tucked up to show abs, laying on top of a quarterback dry humping him and barking like a dog while threatening hate crimes - this isn't comedy so much as documentary. This is just how it was. And it was actually great fun. It was also generally understood that this was theater happening within the context of the game and it carried no ill will out on the street.


And yes, I've been saying this phrase after any mundane task.

Paying for my coffee at Starbucks: "You can charge that to the game!"