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Matt Davis Has Swagriculture

This is perhaps my favorite story of this National Signing Day.

Matt Davis, one of those adventurous souls to sign with Texas A&M today, decided to celebrate his matriculation by bagging on Texas. And Blake Gideon.

Moving on, the story says Matt had these thoughts to share.

"I hope one day these kids realize that if you play receiver and Texas 'wants' you, they're gonna sign you and stash you for 4 years," Davis tweeted, following the news that former Texas A&M commit Bralon Addison had signed with Oregon.

Bralon Addison flees Texas A&M at the last minute, Texas A&M being the school where Matt might be the QB one day, and Matt's worried about the receiver situation at Texas. I think Matt may have slept they logic.

"They have a pre-meditated roster, if you're not on it, oh well have fun on 6th street cause that's as far as you'll go," he tweeted.

This is a sentence only Fake Ken Tremendous can properly deconstruct.

Those sillyheads at MaxPreps. Just looking to stir stuff up.

For some humor and some of the worst of humanity, please enjoy the twitter feed of @That_DavisGuy but heed the wisdom of cuppycup.

Hook 'em, Matt. Like always. Or as the kids say, #TGOD