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First Longhorn Junior Day Weekend Ends Without Early Commitments

Fact: Longhorn fans have consternation when we fill up with early commitments.

Fact: Longhorn fans have consternation when we don't fill up with early commitments.

Conclusion: Longhorn fans enjoy having consternation about recruiting.

If this is an indication of a staff with a more cautious and measured approach to recruiting, that will only accept early commitments from their most coveted prospects, and are comfortable working the slow-play game to allow young kids still in developmental bloom more time to differentiate, then count me as an advocate.

I also suspect:

  1. That we'll end up with 6-8 early commitments before the summer anyway. Half of them high level OL.
  2. Pickings are slim at a few positions in-state and we're going to do a deep dive on late-bloomers and looking at possible plays for OOS kids. That takes time.
  3. We're only giving out 20 scholarships, so 3-4 mistakes are magnified in impact.
  4. A young staff with energy and drive is less eager to settle for "might be good enough" when great is available with extra work and a longer recruiting cycle.
  5. This staff is comfortable with their ability to pull early commitments away from A&M, OSU, TCU, Tech, out-of-state interlopers for late wants. Don't confuse an insurance policy with love.

Please feel free to speculate on who will be # 2.

Is this just another indication that we've made the program new?