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Spring Practice Report Day 1: Texas Starting OL


LT Donald Hawkins JR

LG Trey Hopkins JR

C Dom Espinosa SO

RG Mason Walters JR

RT Josh Cochran SO

Quick thoughts:

  • Hawkins' potential to nail down LT for us is THE story of the Spring (yes, along with Ash progress)
  • It's shells and shorts. Nothing is written
  • This OL peaks in 2013, not 2012, and their eventual successors are more talented
  • Garrett Porter was singled out by Brown as an OL who came on during the offseason and he was rewarded with 1st team reps at center. Despite being 6-6, that's Porter's natural position since high school and he has always felt more comfortable there. In games where Espinosa struggles with a true nose, Porter is an anchor option
  • I expect Sedrick Flowers to eventually be our #3 guard
  • Whither Ashcraft?
  • #3 OT is an open competition and we need someone to step up - Lake Travis mafia, holla
  • Of our five starting OL, only one has had a redshirt. Still haunted by our old, bad habits, aren't we?
  • Hopkins will be a difference maker at guard in the counter game
What say you?