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2013 Texas Recruiting: Dallas Nike Camp - Swoopes, Prevot, Raulerson and more

The Dallas Nike Football Training Camp just went down and there were several 2013 Longhorn recruits in attendance. Including this guy:



Quick notes and then some video breakdowns:

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Let's watch some video and draw crazy conclusions, shall we? Caution: all of the DL vs OL drills are slanted greatly in favor of the DL. Real pass rush in games doesn't happen on five individual naked islands and DL don't have carte blanche to go where they please. And QBs don't stand there like, well, a dummy. You can see who has a motor, a good pass set, a quick first step, strength issues etc. Competition also matters, so stoning Toby Ginklemann from Plano is a little different than throwing around A'Shawn Robinson. Actual football film has 10X the value of some drills and an athletic display, but it's a fun confirmatory tool nonetheless.

Can't post the videos, but follow the links

DL vs OL Part I

DL vs OL Part II

Some quick thoughts:

  • Prevot shows the same quickness in these drills that he does on film. Great first step, long arms, better strength than his 6-3, 206 pound frame suggests. Given his age and frame, I have no worries about his size and his floor is a 6-3 235 pound pass rushing specialist that wreaks havoc on 3rd down. Outstanding 3-4 OLB prospect IMO
  • Jake Raulerson is really coordinated with active feet and natural strength, but he lacks the mass to stop a pass rusher's forward momentum right now. As with Prevot, I'm not concerned about size. I'd rather add weight than hope that a recruit gets quicker or more aggressive
  • Daeshon Hall. See Prevot and Raulerson. He's skinny and weak right now, but he's a legit 6-6, 220 with a condor wing span and good quickness. Has basketball coordination and obvious upside
  • College Station's Christian LaCouture has a nice spin move and can project to a number of places. Doubt he's a college DE, but still a good athlete. I was about to write that the Aggies got a good one, but then I saw that he decommitted. The Aggies can't even get a compliment without fucking it up
  • A'Shawn Robinson is one of the most physically imposing high school kids I've ever seen. 6-5, 313 and carrying his weight so well at his age, I shudder to think what he could look like as a motivated college junior. Terrifying. I still prefer him on OL long term
  • Brad North is strong, mean, and he has a good anchor. He's a natural guard acquitting himself well at OT, to boot. A lower tier FBS school should snap him up
  • The Raulerson-Prevot match-up did a nice job of illustrating each guy's strengths and deficiencies

WR vs DBs

As with the OL-DL match-ups, the offense is hugely favored, but you get some idea of how these guys run and move.

  • Check out Jacorey Warrick's route at 1:29. He really gets in and out of his breaks smoothly and I was pleasantly surprised by his frame and length
  • 2:02 shows Jake Oliver well-covered running a semi-laborious route - he made the All-Camp team so apparently he had some better footage than that
  • The clip ends with some Ra'Shaad Samples footage - great hands, good quickness, high quality trash-talker