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2013 TE Durham Smythe To Texas Longhorns

According to HornsNation ($$) and William Wilkerson. If accurate, this class has officially gotten silly. And not just because we're recruiting players that could be named after Simpson's characters.

Smythe is a pure TE prospect with a 6-4, 225 pound frame. Soft hands, explosive first step, nice breaks on his routes, and an enthusiastic blocker who uses great feet and hand placement to find his fit and drive defenders. He's comfortable with his hand on the ground or split out on a linebacker or safety. You don't have to watch many highlights to see that he's a natural pass catcher with enough speed to work the deep middle. He gets off the ball quickly - he has a stronger first step than a number of WR prospects I've seen film on in the 2013 class - and that make him tough to jam. Look at the 1:00 thru 1:15 highlights for an idea of what I'm talking about.

The consistently lazy comparison for Smythe is David Thomas, but David was 6-2 205 as a high school senior who didn't hit 225 until his second year of college. Smythe is a natural TE all the way. He's also an excellent student with a strong host of offers (Florida, Stanford, Michigan, Nebraska, Miami).

Now it's crucial we land Torrodney Prevot so we have the full breadth of roster name range.

Hook 'em.