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Champions Bowl Could Cause Big 12 Expansion

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The new SEC/Big 12 Champions Bowl doesn't have a home yet, but there are reports that its existence could mean that the Big 12 would have to expand to have enough teams to match its name.

The rumor is that the contract for the new bowl requires a conference championship game for both the SEC and the Big 12, and that means that the Big 12 will need two more members by 2014.

If true, fire up the Florida State to the Big 12 rumors. The ACC is desperately trying to keep everyone in the fold and is hopeful that they can negotiate a "Special Nation's Status" with Notre Dame -- giving the Irish a home in the Orange Bowl if they are not part of the playoff in any given year.

If a conference championship game is in play for the Big 12, then teams like Florida State, Clemson, Louisville -- and yes Notre Dame -- will no doubt be in the expansion discussion.

The request for bids for hosting the new game will go out next week, and SEC Commissioner Mike Slive is on record as saying that the game will have one permanent site.

Atlanta and Dallas are the frontrunners, with Atlanta's Chick-fil-A Bowl eager to get the bowl. The Cotton Bowl has also shown interest, but they are a little more reserved in taking on the game. Cotton Bowl officials (and Jerry Jones) are convinced that with their State-of-the-Art facility the Cotton Bowl would be near the top of the list to be in the semifinals game rotation to begin with. Odds are the SEC would love to have the Cotton Bowl host the new bowl game, giving it another venue in Texas.

The announcement of the playoff beginning in 2014 has put everyone is a hyper mode for putting all these games together, as they also try to figure out just how much money will be generated by the playoff and how to split the money up.

I will have another post about that later today.