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Beat the Barkers 2: NCAA Tourney Bracket

The 2010 results were voided because a Duke fan won, so same rules and prizes as last year, with a few minor changes.**

The winner gets a weekend alone with sizzlechest, all medical bills paid, in secluded Nova Scotia where screams go unanswered for miles.

Runner-up gets all of the free BC tote bags yet to be claimed from last year’s tourney and various BC sponsored promotions.

Third place gets to learn what it’s like to wake up as HenryJames every day AND free valet parking at his upcoming wedding.

**Duke fans not eligible to collect prizes or submit multiple entries based on hypothetical results after we take your ass out in the Sweet 16.

Fill out your bracket here

password: eyepatch

Snake Plisskin says: TAKE DEAD AIM

Start your haphazard guessing with some fundamentally sound research courtesy of Get Buckets, MarchtoMarch, and Kenpom.