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Buick Human Highlight Reel and Final Four

As if we needed more incentive to root for our beloved Texas Longhorns, the good folks at Buick have offered to send a couple of Barkers to New Orleans if Texas makes it to the Final Four. The package includes two flights to New Orleans, a Buick to drive once they get there, a hotel room, and two tickets to the Final Four.

It also includes access to Buick activities like media events and parties, so if it happens, we’re going to be able to provide the Barking Carnival community both an in-the-stands and behind-the-scenes look at the Final Four, all with that same pro-quality, fan perspective thing you won’t get anywhere else.

So if Texas is fortunate enough to get to New Orleans, we'll be there to lend our support and to provide you with the best coverage we can muster, all courtesy of Buick. So, you know, Hook 'em Horns!

There is no truth to the rumor that we were planning on switching to a Kentucky blog. A Sea Of Blue wouldn't let us anyway.

Last time the Final Four was in New Orleans, Texas was there and so was I. Unfortunately, so was Carmelo Anthony. And limitless bourbon.

Do me a favor and stop by the Buick Human Highlight reel page mentioned below.

Laissez le bons temps rouler.

"Buick is creating The Human Highlight Reel, a growing online archive to document and celebrate the amazing stories of human achievement with student-athletes, alums and fans. You can check out the Human Highlight Reel at"