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A post-mortem appetizer: Spencer Hall takes in College Station

Texas And Texas A&M: A Strange Divorce In The Church Of Football

The game experience is unlike anything else in college football: coordinated, regimented, and disciplined to a degree one might not think college football should ever be. It is one part North Korean pep rally, one part Fenerbahçe match, and several dashes of English Premiere League singalong. Moving in unison after an Aggie touchdown, it might for a second feel like you have landed thirty years in the past in a state where football was the national religion, and a giant race of malicious, aristocratic animatronic cattle was the perpetually hated national villain.

That about sums it up. For those unanointed with the UEFA Champions League, Fenerbahçe is a professional soccer club from Instabul, Turkey. Their fans are known for sustained chanting and setting half the stadium on fire when their team scores.