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2013 Recruiting: Ricky Seals-Jones Commits To Texas

And then there were 6. One of the most intriguing pure athletes I can recall. Thoughts after the jump...

It doesn't matter where Ricky Seals-Jones projects - time, the weight room, and the training table will tell the tale - but I share bigdukesix's thoughts on his mix of physicality, athleticism, and quickness. Given his ball skills, WR/TE seems most likely. Jermichael Finley or Limas Sweed? We'll see.

Also of interest: RS-J is averaging 32.4 ppg and 14.7 rpg for a 23-6 Sealy basketball team, including a 52 point effort against Stafford. Y'all know how I feel about football players that can hoop and Vince Young, Michael Crabtree, Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates, and Tony Gonzalez agree that there's something to it.

Rivals considers him the 13th best player in the nation. 24-7's AAS Fab 55 considers him the 14th best player in the state. Neither ranking is shabby, but if you're penalizing a multi-tool athlete for being able to play six different high school positions and talking about "a lack of polish" at any one of them, you're missing the forest for the trees.