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NCAA Sweet 16 Friday Open Thread

The bold and the beautiful.
The bold and the beautiful.

The highlight of the night is Kentucky's "revenge game" against Indiana, but both remaining Big 12 teams also square off tonight. Kansas once again gets a shot at losing to a double-digit seed in NC State, and Baylor takes on a Xavier team that is more talented and more physical than its #10 seed would indicate.

Check out frequent Barking Carnival contributors hiphopopotamus and Triston27 @ RockChalkTalk, and the Bear fight crew @ OurDailyBears.

#10 Xavier Musketeers vs. #3 Baylor Bears - 6:15 CDT on CBS

#13 Ohio Bobcats vs. #1 North Carolina Tar Heels - 6:47 CDT on TBS

#4 Indiana Hoosiers vs. #1 Kentucky Wildcats - approx 8:45 CDT on CBS

#11 N.C. State Wolfpack vs. #2 Kansas Jayhawks - approx. 9:17 CDT on TBS