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DeLoss Dodds: "I Don't Think We Need to Expand"

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While the realignment train keeps picking up steam and heads out of the station once again this summer, DeLoss Dodds has reiterated to that Texas believes that a membership of 10 makes for a cleaner conference.

Dodds likes the idea of a round robin schedule and no conference championship game. He is concerned that when a play off system comes online, it could muck up the works if a 9-3 team pulls an upset over an 11-1 or 12-0 team in the conference game.

"We could expand to some number," Dodds said. "You name the number -- 12, 14, 16. We could expand but the question is 'do we need to expand?' In my mind 10 is perfect because you play everybody in football and there is a double-round-robin in basketball.

"When we get into whatever system we get in for a championship, I think those coaches that play in a conference championship are going to say 'What in the world are we doing?' "

On the other hand, Dodds also admits that the Big 12 would welcome Notre Dame with open arms even if it is not full-time in football.

"Notre Dame has options," Dodds said. "I think they love their position. I certainly think they can continue to do what they're doing and do it well and be a major player. But they have options.

"We've talked to Notre Dame about the Big 12 ... They could put some football here [by playing a few non-conference games against Big 12 opponents]."

It has been widely speculated that one of those games would involve playing Texas on Thanksgiving at least every other year, when it would be a home game for the Longhorns.

Dennis Dodd of went on Tim Brando's show today to expand on the possibilities of yet another summer of college football realignment.