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SB Nation @ The Opening

Just doin' it.
Just doin' it.

I'll be attending the Saturday and Sunday sessions in Beaverton along with Bud Elliott and Wescott Eberts and we'll provide national coverage along with some state of Texas and Longhorn-centric perspectives.

Aside from the SPARQ testing on Friday, The Opening is essentially a de facto 7 on 7 tournament for skill players simultaneously held during lineman drills. The lineman drills are in pads. We'll have eyes on each group at all times, but the typical disclaimers apply for the 7 on 7 piece - namely, it's not really football so much as an athletic display. Coaches include: Dwayne Bowe, Jerry Rice, Ndamukong Suh, and Patrick Peterson.

Mainly, it's an interesting opportunity to see good prospects, evaluate how the best players from across the country stack up, and for me to write sentences filled with guru-cliche picked up by osmosis (When you're talking about a guy like Tyrone Swoopes you're talking about a guy with sudden suddenness and also a guy who is just one of the guys who screams out baller) .

Stay tuned. Happy to answer any questions or take (good) suggestions.