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Sooner Center Ben Habern's Career Is Over, Sooner Wide Redivas Reinstated

<em>Habern, pictured with a pain in the neck.</em>
Habern, pictured with a pain in the neck.

It's been a hard week for the Sooners, and not just because the Olympics have math.

Starting Sooner center Ben Habern is done with football due to chronic neck issues. Habern was a preseason All-Big 12 candidate who started 30 games at OU. Tough break for Ben and I wish him well. This means a reshuffle of the Sooner OL, with Gabe Ikard likely taking over center duties and the promising Adam Shead elevated to a starter's role.

The Sooners also recently learned that coveted JUCO WR Courtney Gardner won't make it in in time for the 2012 season. Gardner had been counted on to shore up depth issues on the Sooner WR corps after several Sooner wide receivers were suspended for jackanapery, magpieing, and tomfoolery. Also, being complete dicks.

Additionally, elite 2013 RB Greg Bryant de-commited from OU, and would prefer to go to a SEC school. "I realized that there were other football factories guised as universities closer to home."

Unsurprisingly, Bob Stoops has allowed the aforementioned wide receiver transgressors - Tre Franks, Jaz Reynolds, and Quentin Hayes - back on the team. They remain on double secret probation, though. Somehow, I have a feeling that we'll see these miscreants lined up across from the Longhorns in Dallas.