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Time Warner Makes Pac 12 Networks Available in Texas


Beginning on Wednesday the Pac-12 conference will launch its ambitious multi-network programming service, which will include a national Pac-12 network, six regional channels, and a digital version as well.

Time Warner Cable was one of the first carriers to sign up for Pac-12 networks and while they are still fighting with ESPN over the LHN, they did announce that the Pac-12 networks will be available in Texas - for a price.

The Pac-12 channels can be purchased on Time Warner's premium Sports Pass tier for a monthly charge. Here is what you get for signing up.

Pac 12 Network

The Pac-12 sold 44 home games to their network partners and the other 35 home games played by Pac 12 teams will be available either on the national network or one of the six regional networks. Every home basketball game will also be carried nationally.

In addition the networks will telecast hundreds of events in Pac-12 Olympic sports. The networks will also have studio shows, classic games, as well as programming from each of the 12 league members.

TV Everywhere

If you have a cable subscription for the Pac-12 Networks, then the programming will be available through devices that your carrier supports, including computers, tablets, and some smart phones. The content will also be available through the providers Video On Demand format.

Pac-12 Digital Network

This is an area where the Pac-12 is on the leading edge of the digital age of collegiate sports. Unlike other conferences website, the Pac-12 wants their to be content-driven and is designing it to have the look and feel of a sports news website. They are in the process of hiring veteran writers, editors and producers from established sports sites to help set up the Pac-12 Digital Network. They will have plenty of live events on the website but they are also making sure it has original content for the off-seasons.

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said during the conference's recent football media day event in Los Angeles, "The idea is Pac-12 content, anywhere, anytime, by any device."

"We think long-term decisions, and we get to invest. We're only responsible to our university presidents."

They are also using the website to drive fans to the correct platform to watch whatever sporting event they are looking for and we at SB Nation are actually already working with them.

They have an application that will serve as a master scheduling tool, providing a listing of all Pac-12 events for the season. It will include schedule information like game date, opponents, start time, and location. This app will also offer "where to watch" information through the scheduling tool, so that fans can check and find out which of the networks, such as their broadcast partners ESPN, FOX, or one of the seven Pac-12 Network networks will carry the game they are interested in.

All of this debuts Wednesday. The Pac-12 Networks will be available in over 40 million homes beginning from day one. Everything hasn't gone totally according to plan. The league continues to negotiate carriage deals with DirecTV, Dish Network, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse.

But if you have Time-Warner and can't make it to the Texas-Wyoming game on September 1st, you could tune in to watch California-Nevada or Washington-San Jose State on the Pac 12 Network.