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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25: Week 2


The poll and some thoughts after the jump:

Aside from Utah's black eye on my predictions, events are unfolding favorably for some of my early season bets:

  • Arkansas proved to be as implodey as I thought though I can't say I saw THAT coming
  • Ohio State looks to be the class of the Big 10 and I no longer have them ranked the highest of any balloter
  • Texas will be moving up as well
  • My underrating of most Big 10 teams is being borne out : Wiscy goes down to Oregon State (and fired their OL coach after the game - not kidding), Michigan struggles with Air Force, Iowa loses at home to Iowa State (the Greg Davis box scores of the last two weeks have been classic), Illinois is hammered on the road by a weak Arizona State team, Penn State is on a quick train to 3-9, UCLA drops 653 yards on Nebraska in a 36-30 win...conference play can't start soon enough for these teams
  • Oklahoma State. Never ranked 'em. Blogpoll and AP had them firmly in the Top 20. Bye
  • I jumped Bama to #1 after USC's somewhat uneven win over Syracuse. I still believe Bama is vulnerable to a legitimate passing team, but they're getting up to speed quickly and Arkansas - the team I thought had a real shot at upsetting them - is now a windshield stain. And Bama is kind of well coached
  • KSU got my irrational exuberance jump after watching them dismantle Miami throwing the ball. I understand Miami is both dumb and down, but it was still pretty damn impressive
  • Upsets and new blood make the middle to bottom of my Top 25 unreliable and treacherous and prone to high beta, but what are you gonna do?