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WVU $4,000,000 -- Rich Rod Zero

Rich Rodriguez will pay the full amount of his buyout clause to West Virginia. Reports are that the two sides agreed to end the ugly divorce proceedings late Tuesday night.

Rodriguez (and Michigan) were looking at WVU deposing Michigan's President and AD to get them to testify under oath as to what they knew about Rodriguez' buyout clause when they were negotiating to hire him. West Virginia was claiming that Rodriguez fully understood his buyout clause, since he negotiated with Michigan to help him with the payment.

In fact, a memo from Rodriguez' CPA during the negotiations with the Wolverines, states that they should not only pay the entire $4 million, but also kick in the taxes on it, since it would be part of his compensation.

The ugly divorce, combined with the sudden and somewhat shady negotiations for the hire, have left both Rodriguez and Michigan with tarnished reputations. The court battle over the buyout was shaping up to match the Christie Brinkley divorce proceedings for name calling. The fact that it would take place in November, right before the Ohio State game, was probably too much to handle for Rich Rod and Michigan.