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SB Nation's College Football Hall Of Fame (#SBNHOF)

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As we mentioned, the college football bloggers of SB Nation have decided to come up with our own Hall Of Fame (#SBNHOF). Every blog came up with their five candidates (see rules here).

I'm pretty sure not every blog will get two people in the inaugural class. In fact most blgs won't get anybody in this first class.

But then again not every blog writes about the Texas Longhorns. Is that arrogance? Dunno, can't bothered to think about it.

Congrats Vince Young.

So Vince Young has now earned what ought to be (but probably will not be) remembered as one of the greatest distinctions in the history of our sport: He is the first inductee in the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame.

Oh, and congrats to you too, Ricky Williams. Second inductee of the #SBNHOF.

There are plenty of running backs with an argument here -- Williams was one of two unanimous choices by our committee and won on a tiebreaker vote -- but if we have to choose a single player for our Hall of Fame backfield, it's Williams.

Uh, yeah. Good choice.

That's first two of the first five. Pretty good work. Highlight reels of these two phenomenal Longhorn players are available on The Longhorn Network YouTube.

Hook 'Em.