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Disney-Comcast Enter 10 Year Agreement: Longhorn Network Not A Part of It

Comcast and the Walt Disney Company announced a 10-year, multiplatform distribution deal Wednesday that brings the "TV Everywhere" concept one step closer to reality. The Longhorn Network however, is not a part of the ESPN channels included in the agreement.

The deal brings the national family of ESPN networks to the 22.4 million Comcast/Xfinity customers on multiple platforms, including tablets and computers.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the LHN is left out of the deal.

"We were not able to include Longhorn Network in this agreement, but we continue to have productive conversations with Comcast and other distributors," an ESPN spokeswoman said.

"We have no plans to carry (Longhorn Network) at this time," added a Comcast spokesman.

No financial details were given out, but it does mean that Xfinity customers will be able to view live ESPN games on a tablet as well as personal computer or TV.

The deal will also give viewers more access to ESPN games and shows, enabling to watch them on demand -- with fast-forwarding disabled.

For now ESPN continues to haggle over the LHN with Comcast and Time-Warner Cable.

Whenever a deal is struck, the Longhorn Network content will presumably also be available on demand.

Stay tuned.