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Chip Kelly, From The Ducks To The Bucs?

Reports out of both Oregon and Tampa are saying that Chip Kelly is about to jump to the NFL Bucs.

In his short three-year tenure as the Oregon Ducks head coach, Kelly has a phenomenal 34-6 record -- including three BCS Bowl appearances including a BCS title game loss to Auburn.

Supposedly Kelly has been involved in negotiations over contract details and a final agreement could come as soon as tomorrow.

Questions abound over the proposed deal, such as:

What in the hell is Tampa Bay thinking? Hiring a coach with absolutely no NFL experience who runs the run-oriented spread?

As for Kelly, is he getting out of Eugene a step ahead of the NCAA Police?

And if he does go, how fast is Phil Knight on the phone to Boise State's Chris Petersen?

Discuss among yourselves.