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Bill Byrne: I've Been Turned Down More Times Than A Bed Sheet

Texas A&M's move to the SEC! SEC! SEC! has created a mess with the Aggies 2012 home schedule. They are still trying to figure out if the Arkansas game will be in Cowboys stadium or if the (now) conference game will move to home-and-home.

There also is a two-game hole in the non-conference schedule, which the Aggies would like to fill with two home games. Seems there aren't that many takers.

"I've been turned down more times than a bed sheet," Athletics Director Bill Byrne said of his search.

The Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce wants to see those dates filled, since gameday is a boost to the local economy.

But they are really interested in the rumors that A&M may move away from Kyle Field for an entire season.

Texas A&M may move to Reliant Stadium for a full season as Kyle Field undergoes renovations.

A&M president R. Bowen Loftin tried to reassure members of the Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce that the University understands the economic impact of such a move and will do all they can to avoid a transfer of home games to Houston.

"Forgoing a season at Kyle Field has a huge impact economically on Texas A&M and you," Loftin said. "We're in this together."

Byrne also acknowledged the hit that everyone would take should the Aggies move home games out of College Station, stating that it "would be a $26 million hole in our budget."

Both Loftin and Byrne indicated that renovations would not start before 2013 and one option is to stretch it over several years, one section at a time.