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The J'Covan Dialogues: One Man's Struggle To Explain J'Covan Brown's Game

J'Covan Brown is one of my favorite Longhorn players of all time.

I don't know anything about him. Is he quick or athletic?

No. Not really. I honestly didn't think he could dunk until he it did this year on a breakaway.

So he's not athletic...

Well, not in a run-jump sense. He's athletic in terms of coordination and body control.

So are Taiwanese table tennis players. Who cares? So he must be a liability on defense...

No. He defends OK. He cuts off the dribble and makes guys take tough shots. He leads the team in steals.

How could he lead the team in steals if he's not athletic?

Good question. Maybe athleticism isn't always what we think it is.

You're babbling nonsense. So he's long?

Nope. Like 6-1. Built stocky.

Oh, he's a point guard.

No. But he has the best court vision on the team and he's a gifted passer and instinctive creator.

Why wouldn't you play your best creator at point guard?

Because we'd lose our best scorer.

So he's heady?

Well, sometimes he goes completely insane, but he's clutch in big games and wants the ball in tough situations.

What do you mean insane? Is he a thug?

No, not at all. He's on the Dean's List, turned down street agent money out of high school, and never gets in trouble off of the court. But he's passionate and immature.

He must be a great shooter then?

He's a good shooter. Very streaky. JCB shoots 42% from the field.

Good shooters don't shoot 42%.

This one does.

Frankly, he sounds sorry.

No, he's awesome.

Awesome, huh? So he'll play in the NBA.

Well, I'm not sure. He's too small for 2 guard and I don't know if he can play NBA point.

You just said he was awesome. If he's awesome, he'll play 10 years in the NBA.


So he's a short, stocky, streaky shooter that's emotionally volatile and can pass a little. Great. Does he do anything well?

Yeah, he does basketball well.

I don't understand this player.

None of us do.