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Beat the Barkers 2012 - members only jacket required

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We already have a free-for-all bracket set up where you can compete against celebrities like Jay 'the illest' Bilas, myself, and Drew Brees.

We also set up a bracket just for the Carnies.

Password is bingbong. (A free tote bag to anybody who knows the origin of this name.)

It's fun to watch really smart people who follow sports for a living absolutely crater a bracket. It's also fun to watch an anonymous female reader enter and win after reviewing the matchups for all of three minutes.

So select your sleepers, figure out your final four and start busting some brackets. Tipoff is in less than 48 hours.

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: Lehigh beats Duke in the first round. Ain't no party like a Bethlehem (PA) party!