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Decision Day for Devonta Pollard?

According to ESPN's Dave Telep, it is nigh. Burnt Orange fingers crossed.

Conventional wisdom has had Pollard down to Texas and Alabama for the past few weeks. The Longhorns represent his "style of play" favorite, as Pollard idolizes Kevin Durant. However, Alabama, in SEC country, is much closer to Pollard, who seems like the type of high schooler that wants to stay close to home.

Missouri is out of scholarships after the commitment of Tulsa transfer Jordan Clarkson, and Georgetown just lost assistant coach Rob Kirby, who was the lead recruiter on Pollard. Though both are blows, neither team is definitively out.

Texas has Big 12 Championship aspirations next year, and a silky scoring swingman like Pollard may just make them the conference favorite. Go get him, Rick.