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Remember Back When We Dreamed About Adrian Peterson and Vince Young... the same backfield?

The Twitter is atwitter with rumor of this happening next season in Minnesota.

There are some pretty good reasons why this might happen, though they could all be coincidental too.

# The Vikings have no established starter on their roster, and coach Leslie Frazier has made clear the position must be addressed this offseason.

# Frazier hired longtime friend Craig Johnson as his quarterbacks coach. Johnson was the Titans' running backs coach in 2010 but before that served as Young's position coach.

# Johnson had nothing but positive things to say about Young during an interview with The Tennessean. Johnson noted that assistant coaches don't get involved in personnel moves, but added: "Obviously I have a good working relationship with Vince, and he produced pretty well under me."

As a football fan, I hope to see VY playing again somewhere he's happy. Hopefully, Vince's ability to lie through his teeth shows his continuing maturation.