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VY Forever Comeback Tour Continues Thursday

JasonB at Bleeding Green Nation, SB Nation's Iggles property, reports that Michael Vick will sit again. Unfortunately he also reports that Jeremy Maclin and possibly LeSean McCoy (Franco-Irish!) will also be on the pine.

This leaves a receiving corps of possession white guy and The Desean Jackson Five aka Desean's apparent Multiple Personality Disorder. Word is three of the personalities said fuck it and already be at the club.

So VY comes back with no reps or practice and has a decent Game 1 with his whole "Hey look! 4th quarter comeback Huckleclutch win" routine.

Game 2 was apparently a mixed bag including a stat line of 26/48 for four bills, one TD and one Oskie. I think he gained 40 on the ground. I heard Jackson also dropped a TD or two. Love to hear some thoughts from people who saw it.

He gets the start tomorrow. Against the Seattle Seahawks. They are coached by Pete Carroll.

VY on the short turnaround.

"It's not really hard, I mean we're pros so guys have been through it [and] I've been through it down in Nashville; I think the guys said they played the Texans last year. So other guys have done it before. The only thing is the rookies, the young guys, I mean it's different for them but overall guys that have been here and played know how to adjust to it pretty good."

I have dispatched nobis60 to live blog this. By dispatched, I mean I will email him in a few minutes and see if he plans on watching the game.

VY Forever.