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College Football Playoff Sundry

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With the recent announcement BCS "evolving" into a four team playoff with competing teams chosen from a committee formed from some combination of the Nizari and Ordo Templi Orientis, much has been written and said by various friends of the Carnival.

Here's some of that.

Our buddy Jason Kirk from SB Nation College Football and SBN Studios lays it all down for you.

Not surprisingly, the author of Death To The BCS, Dan Wetzel, penned a really good piece on just what happened, what has changed and possibly more importantly what hasn't changed. The BCS finally has a stake driven through its heart, but the bowls and the big bucks still reign.

In 2010, Rick Baker, president of the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic, said, "A playoff system would ruin the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic." Tuesday, Rick Baker, president of the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic, said, "It's a great day for college football. We congratulate the conference commissioners and presidents for their diligent work to enhance the postseason."

Andy Staples at says the sports has crossed The Rubicon and will never be the same, at least not for the always sincere master of face control Jim Delany.

"We weren't asking for the BCS to be replaced," Delany said. "But we understood the public was, and a lot of other people wanted to change. Once we realized that's what people wanted, we agreed to listen, participate and explore. And we did that."

The actual statement from the BCS is here.

Bryan Fischer takes a stab at what the games will look like here.

Anyway, let's all work together to get through July.