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Last Week's Links

Catch. The. Ball.
Catch. The. Ball.

As the season gets closer and the staff of BC gets their act together, we'll get more organized with tossing up up some things we found interesting about the Horns and other subjects. We'll try to do this most days. Here's a quick version of some things I read last week that I...enjoyed.

Dennis Dodds put up his hot seat list. Bruce Feldman then responded and felt Mack's seat was hotter than Dennis Dodds did.

10. Mack Brown, Texas – Should be higher than 2.5: This is the part of the Top 10 where truthfully it's getting really nitpicky. Realistically, Brown seems more like a 3.0. Of course, it's not that long ago that Brown led Texas to its first national title in decades. Such an effort should give Brown the benefit of the doubt to leave UT on his own terms barring anything sort of a scandal one might assume, but it doesn't always work like that these days. Look at some of the coaches who have been forced out in the past decade. The Horns had that disastrous 2010 (5-7) but Brown made big staff changes, and despite shaky QB play, went 8-5, finishing strong. Unless they backslide, the hot-seat talk should subside.

Allow me to reply.


The only Dodds that matters is DeLoss and right or wrong, Mack will likely coach here till he's tired of it. We make lots of money and now have some guys minding the store who actually know what they are doing.

Spencer Hall caught up with the architect of the Air Raid and the man who helped launch Mile Leach's career.

Sympathy for the devil? Here's an examination of USC's history of unorthodox head coaches and the maturation of Lane Kiffin. John McKay was so awesome.

The latest slicing and dicing of data about where to get the Jimmys and the Joes.

This has always been the balancing act for the Fighting Irish — emphasizing tradition while maintaining modern relevance — and this is why the cult of personality at Notre Dame is more vital to its aura than at any other football program in America. Every college coach is a salesman at heart, but at Notre Dame, the pitch goes deeper: It must carry across every region of the country, it must echo through the hallways of Catholic schools from coast to coast, and it must sustain a myth 100 years in the making while also assuring 17-year-old recruits that the past is not all there is. The coach at Notre Dame must be a toastmaster with the alumni and a bullshit artist with the media and a dictatorial presence among his players, and he must be equally good at all three things.

Um, no. Just win, baby.

I find this line of reasoning to be incredibly frustrating. People always say you have to be like Mack Brown to succeed at Texas. You know, cuddly, like Darrel Royal was. I am looking forward to watching the Irish this year. They have their work cut out.