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36-Hour CramSession: College Football Week 3

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The beauty of the unexpected bye week is that it gave us all an opportunity to see a lot more football on TV than most game weeks.

I learned the following:

Josh Nesbitt of Georgia Tech may be the best sophomore QB you haven’t heard about. That’s probably because he plays for Georgia Tech. Think Reggie Ball without the bonehead turnover mentality running Paul Johnson’s version of the triple option. Georgia Tech is now 3-0 ATS (I have won twice with them including a ML play) and I think they have the look of one of those teams that can go 10-2 against the number. They should have beaten Virginia Tech SU this week on the road in Blacksburg but were turned back by being -3 in turnover margin. They play in a weak league where they are the best coached team almost every Saturday, and they do not get much respect from the experts. Keep riding that horse until it bucks you.

This is not your father’s Virginia Tech team. Frank Beamer has no playmakers. Their closest thing to a playmaker is Tyrod Taylor who was supposed to redshirt when Sean Glennon won the starting QB job. Then, Glennon showed he needs playmakers around him and they have none, so they plugged Taylor back in. It got so bad that Macho Harris, the next VT corner to be drafted in the first round, got a look on the offensive side and he contributed 1 catch for minus 1 yards. Here’s a tip to ACC defensive coordinators: Put 10 guys within 2 yards of the line of scrimmage. They will not exploit you.

Contrary to Scipio’s take on the Texas Tech defensive showing, Tech’s five turnovers were generally gifts from Levi Bo Mitchell. If Todd Boeckman is an interception chucking machine, then Mitchell is its batting practice counterpart. He is terrible – in his two starts against D1 oppenents, he has 8 picks in 67 attempts or 11%. Wow. I’ll grant you that he is a true freshman, but that is a ton of growing pains.

Speaking of Texas Tech, why are they throwing the ball so deep so often? I think that might be the reason the offense has yet to get on track.

Sam Bradford is going to be Bob Stoops’ first QB to play in the league. He is 64 for 81 for a 79% completion percentage and a 12-2 ratio in three games (two of which against BCS teams). This guy should be on everyone’s Heisman watch list.

Missouri’s offense is basically unstoppable at this point. They scored on their first 10 possessions yesterday. They can run the ball effectively with Washington and throw it all over the field to extremely talented receivers. Maclin is the most dynamic player in the Big 12 and probably the country, Coffman is a mismatch for every defensive scheme, and they have 3 very above average other receiving option in Saunders, Alexander (who is just returning from injury but was ahead of Maclin last season), and Jared Perry. Any of those guys starts for Texas.

And better yet, the Missouri defense has been porous but they have 4 turnover returns for touchdowns in 3 games. For Texas to beat this team, we have to throw zero pick 6s and create pressure from our front 4. This match-up worries me. A LOT.

Tressell actually upped the ante this week by adding short sleeves to the tie and vest look. I know that he has done it before, but he looked so, I don’t know, So Cal. I didn’t think he turtled in his play calling for once, but he just didn’t have the horses. The unfortunate thing is that there is no one in the Big Ten that can challenge them. So we are going to be forced to hear in November how they have won 9 straight and only have one loss against the #1 team in the country and how they are deserving of a re-match. Please no.

Unless Penn State keeps it up. They are crushing people and deserve to be rated higher than they are. I will be adjusting my vote accordingly in the plogpoll. I realize they just beat Dead Man Walking but they have been impressive every week.

Speaking of the Big Ten, a well deserved hat tip to Wisconsin for traveling to the Valley to face Pat Hill’s Bulldog bunch from Fresno State. That is a quality win on the road.

I won’t belabor the point but Todd Reesing is going to win Kansas a bunch of ball games.

Matt Stafford is going to be a very high draft pick because he has measurables, but to me, he is just another QB. He would be another guy in the Big 12. He has receiving weapons and a stud running game, yet will be a 2500 yard passer with 15 TDs. Blah.

Steve Spurrier is done. He has lost 7 of his last 8 and after two cupcakes, he still has to face the meat of his SEC schedule. He has 3 definite Ls left and every other game is a toss-up. It is conceivable that they win 4 ball games.

Auburn’s experiment with the Tony Franklin spread is not going well. 3 of 16 on third down against Mississippi State? Wow. At least, Auburn still plays defense as they held Mississippi State to 0-17 on third and fourth down conversions. 3-2 and as Bob Davie described it, "This is a punt-athon."

I wonder if people are questioning the Sly Croom contract extension.

And finally, my confession of sorts. When I saw the play where Charlie Weis blew out his knee, I smiled and chuckled. I will do three Hail Mary's to Touchdown Jesus for penitence.