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Gene Chizik is a n*gga

At least according to Iowa State player Darius Darks.

Darks posted his video response to Chizik accepting the Auburn head coaching job on Facebook.

"A lot of people asking me what I'm going to do with coach Chizik leaving. I understand business is business, but this man lied," Darks said in the video. "At a team meeting he was sitting there saying 'I told your mother, Jerrod Black, and I sat on your auntie's couch, Darius Dark, and I told her I would take care of you while you was up here at Iowa State.' Where's that n---- at now? Auburn University."

It sounds better if you read it in Morgan Freeman's voice. Or James Earl Jones'.

Being the cinematic auteur that he is, Darks produced a second video with him and freshman running back Jeremiah Schwartz of Florida.

"Let me explain something really quick," Schwartz said in the video. "Rule one: Don’t f--- with a Florida n----. Rule two: Don’t lie to your team. Rule three: Respect rule two."

"Lesson number one: Don't underestimate the other guy's greed!"

I'd like to add a fourth rule. Don't recruit guys out of Florida named Schwartz as your running back. Physician? Yes. Agent? Yes. Tailback? No.

And finally a fifth rule. Don't post your thoughts on Facebook.