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Craig James -- Multitasking in the ESPN Booth


Mike Leach's legal wranglings with Texas Tech, Craig James, ESPN et al may be at a standstill right now, but his high profile lawyer is busy making sure it stays in the public eye.

Leach attorney Steve Heninger was on Paul Finebaum's radio show this week and said that James, while working Texas Tech games as a broadcaster, "was calling (Texas Tech) coaches from the booth during games and telling them to put Adam in and let him play."

In 2009 James worked three Tech games -- Houston, Nebraska and Oklahoma State. Here are the highlights of Heninger's radio appearance.

Leach and his legal team are awaiting a decision from the Texas Supreme Court on the legality of his suit against Texas Tech. The lower courts ruled that Leach could not sue his former employer because they are protected under sovereign immunity.

Once that decision is handed down, Leach's lawyers will move forward with the defamation suit against James, ESPN and Spaeth Communications.

Heninger said he plans to re-depose Craig James, Adam James, ESPN reporter Joe Schad and other ESPN officials as soon as there is a resolution on the sovereign immunity issue.

That should make for some fun reading.