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Texas, OU Board of Regents to Square Off Monday

The Recruiting Carousel takes another spin Monday -- and you can call it the Red River Regents Shootout.

The University of Oklahoma Board of Regents has scheduled a meeting for early Monday afternoon with one item on the agenda simply titled, "Conference Alignment."

The agenda says the board could go into executive session to discuss potential legal ramifications of athletic conference realignment options." It says the members will "consider new athletic conference membership." The meeting agenda also states that the BOR will "take any appropriate action."

Meanwhile a couple of hours later in Austin a special phone conference among the University of Texas BOR will take place at 3:00 pm with an agenda item concerning the "Discussion and appropriate action regarding potential legal issues related to athletic conference membership and contracting."

OU sources believe that the Pac 12 is willing to expand right now, taking Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, although it isn't clear if Pac 12 commissioner Larry Scott has the nine Presidential votes needed to make the move. Others believe that the Pac 12 is willing to expand right now -- if Texas is also part of the deal.

Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton, president of the Big 12 board, told The Associated Press on Thursday that he and other university leaders "are working every day to hold the Big 12 together" but the next move is largely dependent on the Sooners. Deaton added that he felt strongly that Missouri would be able to find another BCS home should the Big 12 fall apart.