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Former Cal QB in Fightin' Shape

Some Cal Bear fans are still pissed about being left out of the 2005 Rose Bowl in favor of Texas, and the last Bear QB to lead Cal to the Rose Bowl apparently is ready to try and settle the score -- man-to-man.

Joe Kapp was an All-American in 1958 for the Bears, and he is the only player to quarterback teams in the Rose Bowl, Grey Cup and Super Bowl.

Kapp played for the BC Lions in the Canadian Football League before moving to Minnesota in the NFL. Last month, prior to the 2011 Grey Cup, Kapp got into a scrape with Angelo Mosca, a member of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the 1963 Grey Cup. The pair were at odds over an alleged dirty hit that Mosca made on one of Kapp's Lion teammates.

You might want to keep an eye out for Kapp should he be on the sidelines tonight.

Speaking of which, Kapp was also involved in one of the greatest finishes to a college football game. Kapp was the head coach of his alma mater in 1982 when John Elway was the QB for Stanford, in a series known as "The Big Game."

If you have never seen the last minute of this contest, enjoy.