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The perils of ranking teams you haven't seen play

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Voting in a weekly poll means having to rank teams that you invariably haven't seen play, at least in the early weeks. This was no more apparent for me than last night when I got to watch West Virginia play for the first time this year.

I think I had West Virginia in my initial Top 10 ranking (or at least the dart I threw for the number nine spot hit in their square), but I dropped them after they lost to East Carolina last week. After watching them last night, they will no longer be in my Top 25 for probably the rest of Bill Stewart's tenure. His tenure will not be long.

Stewart is clearly in over his head. West Virginia hired a guy who wouldn't have been the head coaching candidate for any other job in the country. ChrisApplewhite has pointed out to me that Rich Rodriguez is now solely responsible for both Stewart and Tommy Bowden having head coaching jobs. And I'm totally using 'responsible' as a pejorative term.

Posters at We Must Ignite This Couch are using much worse terms.