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Plenty of other names for Clemson

Now that Tommy Bowden has been fired mutually agreed to step down at Clemson, we can look at potential candidates. Muschamp's name will surface for every job, but I don't think this is the one. While traveling the internet, I found these guys as potentials (in my order of likelihood):

Lane Kiffin - the first name in the hopper with Muschamp; he could start now and the AD has ties to Lane's dad

Dabo Swinney - the guy that holds the interim tag; meet expectations and you never know --ask Stewart at WVA. Swinney is a relative unknown to me, but is supposed to be a stud recruiter.

Skip Holtz - nearby at ECU and was figured to be a candidate for every available job just 1 month ago

Todd Graham - Tulsa coach who is an offensive witch and has been climbing the coaching ranks quickly

Bobby Johnson - the Vandy coach could strike while the iron is hot

Jim Grobe - the Wake coach could strike while the iron is hot

Tommy Tuberville - strange times in Auburn for the last 10 days. why not bolt to a lighter league that is waiting to be dominated?

Mike Gundy - I doubt he leaves his alma mater, but if he swoons like the Cowboys are used to doing, maybe T Boone shows him the way. He has a tie to the Clemson AD.

Dick Rod - I doubt anyone is happy with Year 1 in Ann Arbor.

This list looks like everyone that sniffed the Arkansas job last year. Maybe that is because the Clemson AD Terry Don Phillips is a graduate of Arkansas.