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Do you have Conference Realignment Fatigue? Here's your cure.

After three weeks of posturing, bluffing, and begging by conference ADs, we're back to where we started one month ago -- in the same unstable, misnamed conference. Are you suffering from CRF? So are we. Just be patient and keep plenty of alcohol nearby.

So how did things end up for the Big 12?

Baylor and Iowa State rejoice.

OU and Okie State should be humbled by the not very subtle reminder from Larry Scott of their true station in life (dependent on Texas) but are now pretending they wanted to stay in the Big 12 all along.

Tech sat back and watched it all unfold, allying with Belmont whenever possible (good strategy).

And A&M is still waiting at the altar, in freeze frame yell leader pose, facing Waco. Frustrated and desperate in purgatory ... going out in true Aggie style.

Gary Pinkel has a severe case of red ass that needs to be addressed with both a proctologist and psychologist.

Iowa State Fan is petting the Cy-Hawk trophy, whispering sweet nothings in its ear, just happy Paul Rhoads is still in Ames. At 3-0, life has never been better in Ames.

If I missed anybody it's because they're irrelevant in this process.

The only thing that came out of this Bay of Pigsy saga was that Dan Beebe got the axe yesterday. He's been the fall guy for years and frankly overachieved his known ceiling as a conference commissioner. More than anything, he was a victim of poor surnaming. Had he changed his name Logan Steelcock early in life and made all the same moves, Beebe would not only be employed but running an unstoppable superconference with contracts six tiers deep. Instead, he has lived his whole life in the shadow of a guy who was only 5'8".

You will never be Don, Dan.

Dan Beebe's legacy will be keeping the Big 12 together just long enough to piss off the real powers that be in the process, Dodds and Castiglione (who I think is smarter than Boren), and promptly getting fired for those hasty efforts.

In reality, the only thing he really screwed up was leaving Texas and OU out of a conference call when A&M started sniffing around. You can hear the deep bellied guffaws coming out of Castiglione and Dodds' offices when the Beeber pulled that move.

That's a no no, Dan Dan. Bye bye.

Nothing left to do now but laugh at the players piloting this clown car drama, courtesy of RockMNation.

And maybe the best of all, EcoKat!