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Texas Longhorns Football Is Ranked #1

deloss  dodds
Strong pimp hand.

When it comes to generating the cash, the Horns remain on top according to Forbes and Forbes knows money.

The University of Texas Longhorns have once again topped our ranking of College Football’s Most Valuable Teams, with a value of $129 million.

The SB Nation mothership rounds up all the Forbes and CBS Sports links for you here.

Money can't buy you happiness, or even more than five wins some years, but we have a lot of it.

On a related note if you missed Taylor Branch's screed on "The Shame Of College Sports", Seth Davis' rebuttal and the rebuttal rebuttal, they make for interesting reading. Feels like the players, the schools and the NCAA are often cast against each other in polemical light but there is something here. Interesting to watch in the next few years to see if any of the efforts bear fruit.