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West Virginia finds FREEEEDOM: Welcome to The Big 12

According to the fine West Virginia blog The Smoking Musket, the deed is done. Look for West Virginia on the Texas Longhorn's 2012 schedule.



Missouri and Texas A&M were scheduled for November 10th and November 22nd, respectively, but the entire schedule may require a rework to respect Dana Hologorsen's preferred Big 12 town pub crawl sequencing.

A Longhorn trip to West Virginia in September or early October would be glorious. A little whitewater rafting, some bonding, pursued by inbred mountain folk, one of us (you, preferably) is violated, I shoot a guy with an arrow, and he tumbles off of a cliff.

That may be a movie also.

In any event - Welcome, West Virginia. Today, we are all Major Harris failed Heisman candidacies.