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J'Covan Brown to Announce Draft Decision Next Tuesday

Wescott Eberts (formerly GhostofBigRoy) has the goods at Burnt Orange Nation.

Texas Longhorn junior guard J'Covan Brown will announce his intentions regarding the 2012 NBA Draft on Tuesday of next week, according to his Twitter feed, which is set on private.

The latest coming out of Brown's camp appears to be positive news for the Horns. After it was initially believed that Brown was all but gone, there now appears to be a sea change, so much so that the Statesman's Mark Rosner was comfortable enough to Tweet this:

While I would welcome back Brown happily (as would charter member of the J'Covan J'Fan Club, Peter Bean), not everyone shares the same sentiment. From a Chad Ford chat today:

John (Portland): Do you think it was smart for Kabongo to go back to school? On one hand, the last Texas point guards to enter (Avery Bradley, Corey Joseph) were not exactly ready. On the other, it is a weak point guard draft.

Chad Ford: Yes. Especially if J'Covan Brown leaves. Both Brown and Kabongo need the ball in their hands to be effective. If Brown stays, it may be another long year for Texas fans and Kabongo.

Well, that's certainly interesting to think about.