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Fiesta Bowl Open Thread: Stanford vs Okie State

In 2012, all open game threads will officially begin in the 2nd quarter to prevent idiots from taking it over in the first.

Andrew Luck, Shitbird, Old Man Weeden, Illin' Matt Millen ... this one has potential.

Gundy has a few extra squirts of hair gel, each strand vertically aligned in symmetry by a T. Booner staffer who worked tirelessly since Sunday, only to have it all ruined by a visor during pre-game interviews.

Richetti Jones seems determined to prove all of you wrong, even if it's in the last game of his college career.

But most importantly, the Leland Stanford marching band leader is dressed up as Hello Kitty.

On the Cowboys first possession of the game, when Weeden was still in his 20's, he promptly threw a pick. Then Luck hit a 50 yard bomb to a WR that runs a 4.7 40 who was 20 yards deep behind the secondary. Power running game, imo.

Justin Gilbert got one back late in the first quarter with a sick pick by the sideline. Why didn't we recruit him?!

7-0 Stanford at the end of the first quarter. The Cardinal has a little more hop in their step. Weeden looks high or something and Blackmon has the Memorial Henry James Inner Thigh Infection...

The Game Has Officially Started.