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Missouri Tigers 81, Texas Longhorns 67: Post-Mortem

The Longhorns are hoping to muscle their way into the NCAAs.
The Longhorns are hoping to muscle their way into the NCAAs.

Missouri is an intelligent, senior-laden, offensively efficient basketball team. The Tigers were all kinds of wrong for Texas, and it showed for the third time this season. The Longhorns actually played pretty well. 5-13 is a solid stat line from distance, 19 big offensive rebounds kept the Horns in the game, and Myck Kabongo continued the nice trend with a 5:1 assist-to-turnover ratio. Further, Jonathan Holmes hit double-digit points for the first time in two months, Clint Chapman was a point and two rebounds shy of a double-double, and J'Covan did as J'Covan does as the team's leading scorer with 21 points.

The bottom line is that, this season, a team like Missouri is simply just better than Texas. Luckily, a combination of the Iowa St. win and other bubble teams losing makes it appear that the Longhorns are safely in the NCAA Tournament. It even has Hopkins Horn at Burnt Orange Nation asking the question: is it better to be one of the last four in, or go straight to the field of 64?

At this point, I just want to get in and, fingers crossed, draw a favorable opponent. It has been a while since the Longhorns had to hold their breath on Selection Sunday, not for a high seed, but a seed at all. All right, already: let's get some good news for people who love bad news.